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Fort Worth and Odessa/Midland Financial Advisor Assistance Lawyer

At The Perry Law Firm, we have established a strong network of outside financial advisors who can solve the financial issues that arise in divorce. From assisting with mortgages to evaluating the performance of a business, these advisors can help you.

Do you need help developing a budget because of a divorce? Contact our family law firm by e-mail or call (817) 877-3933 to speak with a Tarrant County attorney who has been solving legal issues since 1992.

Financial Planning For Collaborative Law

Having access to the proper paperwork is very important during the collaborative law process. Collaborative law keeps you out of the courtroom and working with your attorney who understands your situation, instead of a judge. The financial advisor assistance team we connect you with is efficient at working with you to gather your financial information to help plan for life before and after divorce. They will meet directly with you to review all the documents our law firm will need to best represent you, including:

  • Retirement statements (defined benefit and defined contribution plans)
  • Tax returns
  • Pay stubs
  • Deeds
  • Mortgage statements
  • Stock options
  • Credit card statements

After reviewing all of your paperwork, the accountants and financial professionals will be able to provide you with options and recommendations for how to best proceed with your budget. At The Perry Law Firm, we take these recommendations and help you deal with issues such as where you should live, if you should buy a house and what your main source of income will be after divorce.

Professional Assistance Dividing Property

Not all property has to be split right down the middle. Attorney Nancy Perry has the knowledge to design creative property distributions based off the recommendations of our financial team. This team is skilled at assigning values to property and suggesting the best possible division plans for spouses who wish to receive the maximum tax benefits.

Sometimes individuals choose to operate their business in such a way to make it appear as though they have less income, while others keep hidden assets. We investigate each case and have the skills to spot when issues like this occur in order to get you the most-fair property distribution.

Obtain Professional Financial Advisor Assistance

Contact our Texas law firm at 817-877-3933 for help with your finances. We will connect you to accountants and financial planners to help you come out from under debt.