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Fort Worth and Odessa/Midland Divorce Planning Attorney

Whether you and your spouse have thoroughly discussed your divorce or you are no longer on speaking terms, attorney Nancy M. Perry has the knowledge to help you with your divorce planning. Having been through her own marriage dissolution, attorney Perry can personally relate to the issues you are facing and knows how to prevent further problems from arising.

At The Perry Law Firm, we can walk you through the possible ways to obtain a divorce. Contact a Fort Worth attorney by e-mail or call (817) 877-3933 for help with your divorce-planning needs. We have resolved thousands of family law cases in Texas and are familiar with the tendencies of the judges in the area.

Understanding All Types of Divorces

There are multiple ways to secure a divorce from your spouse. Attorney Nancy M. Perry knows them all, including:

  • Uncontested divorce: If your dissolution of marriage is amicable, you may only need one attorney. We will draft a divorce decree for you that saves time and money.
  • Contested divorce: Contested divorces can involve going to trial. We will fight to protect your rights in and out of the courtroom.
  • Divorce mediation : More than 90 percent of divorces will settle before going to court. Attorney Perry has over 18 years of negotiation experience and will help you come to a beneficial solution.

Preparing for Your Marital Dissolution

If spouses are willing to cooperate, the divorce process can be fairly quick and smooth. It is important for each party to have the time to seek out their own independent legal counsel, but it is not always necessary. We can avoid the embarrassing process-service procedures by signing a waiver of service. We can then proceed to draft the divorce decree and have it finalized.

When spouses are no longer talking to each other, waivers of service must be examined carefully. Sometimes parties will try to send a blank-check waiver, which states that they do not have to inform you of any decisions they make. Attorney Perry will examine all of your divorce documents and investigate your spouse’s records, such as Facebook and phone call history, to ensure your dissolution ends fairly.

Professional Divorce Planning Advice

Contact our Fort Worth law firm by e-mail or call (817) 877-3933 to speak with a Texas family lawyer who has personally been through the divorce process. Attorney Perry can answer all of your divorce-planning questions.